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One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure

So a few weeks ago on the unusual occasion that central New York gets beautiful weather, we decided to grab a coffee at the corner and go for a walk. {side note: We took apart our coffee table so we would be forced buy an ottoman} A woman that lives down the street from us lives in an old church. Seriously….she lives in a church. We saw that she threw away a beat up ottoman. {SCORE!} So on the way back from our walk Nate picked it up and carried it back to the apartment {He’s so strong}. Sure it needed a little TLC, but we thought what the heck…fix er up and it will be good to go! So a few days ago we made a trip to Joann fabrics and bought some green burlap, snagged a staple gun and went to town! We have to say, the finished result was quite satisfying… I know it looks a little odd with the purple walls, but they are now in the process of being painted back to white as of today {thanks a lot green burlap}.

As for photo shoots coming up.. we have a personal project at the beginning of April {she sure is a looker}. Wedding season is approaching and it’s time to shake off some rust. Thats that for now!


Grandma - March 13, 2012 - 10:43 pm

Good Job Nathaniel and Brittany I’m so proud of you.
Once I found and old wing back couch and chair at a rummage sale for $15.00 Went to Joann Fabric and bought the fabric and re upholstered both pieces…looked like New!! Later gave it to Bruce.
Love you both

paulette koch - March 31, 2012 - 2:30 pm

These are so beautiful and so is my granddaughter.Every time I look at her I think of my beautiful mother and think of the time she told us Amber look like her when she was a baby and she did.Even now I see the resembles of her in Amber .

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